Making the world a better place with technology.
  Our Companies

We invest in proven teams with inimitable technology and the power to transform markets.
Deep Stack Technology

Our founders build the underlying technologies on which industries rely.  They build super-computing solutions at the chip level, security at the level of power and networking technologies that make the NSA jealous.


Security is more than a sector, it’s the minimum bar for industrial technology today.  Our companies incorporate security best practices from the start and develop unique core security capabilities during the process.

Early Stage Is Where It’s At

We invest in pre-revenue companies with proven founders, strong technology and a clear vision of their early market opportunities.

Industrial Internet Of Things

Industrial IoT has suffered from consumer grade solutions focused on connectivity as opposed to security and robustness.  Our founders build technology with rigorous engineering and often military grade solutions.

Regional Opportunity

Resonant invests nationally in the best companies that meet our sector and life stage criteria.  We hunt in secondary markets and have developed a rich set of strategic capabilities for sourcing deals in these less developed markets.

Cloud Services

The growth in cloud utilization has exposed infrastructure weaknesses as well as social and economic problems.  We invest in companies that add new capabilities and improve existing mission critical functions.

Resonant's different. They get it.

Dug Song, CEO Duo Security

Trust me. You want Resonant in your corner.

Thiago Olson, CEO of Stratos

Time is money for entrepreneurs, they get it and they move fast.

Subbu Rama, CEO

Resonant was a trusted partner from their seed investment until the acquisition of our startup.

Camuel Gilyadov, CEO of ZeroVM

Resonant was a steady partner throughout the process.

Jeff Carr, CEO Slam Data

Resonant is founder friendly and understand deep fundamental tech.

Subbu Rama, CEO

We Get It.

Our founders appreciate the fact that we are founders, engineers and builders ourselves.
High Quality Back Office

From the beginning we have kept our back office in house.  We take great pride in delivering exceptional service to our partners.

Disciplined Investing

Our investment thesis is solid and we are not swayed by micro trends in the industry.  While tactics may change, our strategy does not.

World Class Co-Investors

Our co-investors include world class firms such as: Google Ventures, Accel, Benchmark, Redpoint, True Ventures, Cisco, Samsung, Verizon and many more.

Strong Track Record

We are proud of the portfolio that we’ve built and look forward to the continued growth of our star performers and those that are on the path to success.

Resonant is building companies capable of changing a world that doesn’t want to be changed.