Google Fiber Pre-Registration

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Yes, you have to live in Kansas City, but it’s worth checking out Google’s new site for their upcoming fiber service. 1Gb up and down – I don’t think I can quite fathom internet speeds that make my current Comcast plan seem like my 1990’s dial-up connection. You even get Google’s new Android Tablet (the Nexus 7) free to use as your new remote. I still think Ann Arbor should have won the contest, but I have to admit I’m excited about what lies ahead for Google Fiber!


Interview with Precog Founder

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A Q&A with Precog co-founder, CTO and CEO John De Goes. The Boulder, Colorado–based company was founded in October of 2010 and recently raised $2 million in additional funding. Investors include Resonant Venture Partners, RTP Ventures, Launch Capital, and David Cohen. Read the entire interview here.


Duo Security Releases VPN Hunter

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VPN Hunter is a service that discovers and classifies the VPNs and other remote access services of any organization. Given their nature, remote access services inherently must hang off the public Internet, allowing attackers to find them and attempt to gain access to an organization’s internal network by compromising weak credentials through malware and phishing attacks. VPN Hunter was created by Duo Security to raise awareness of strong two-factor authentication for VPNs and other remote access services. Type the domain name of the organization you’d like to hunt here:

File Sharing in the Post MegaUpload Era

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On January 18, 2012 global file sharing traffic collapsed. In a series of coordinate raids, US and New Zealand authorities seized thousands of MegaUpload servers and arrested its founder (at his own birthday party, no less). As the largest file sharing service on the Internet, MegaUpload downloads represented 30-40% of all file sharing. In the space of an hour, Internet traffic globally plummeted by an astounding 2-3%. Read more on Deepfield Networks’ Blog


Jon Oberheide Honored in Forbes “30 Under 30” List

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Jon Oberheide, the CTO of Resonant portfolio company Duo Security, was recently honored in Forbes “30 Under 30” List of Technology Entrepreneurs. Jon was selected for digging up major security bugs in the Android operating system, as well as co-founding Duo Security. Duo specializes in modern two factor authentication, allowing individuals to secure their logins and transactions using their smartphones. Congrats Jon!