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Yahoo Buys Tumblr

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On May 20th, Yahoo confirmed that it will buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion with mostly cash and will close in the second half of 2013.  One notable aspect of the deal, however, is that Yahoo’s price and Tumblr’s implied valuation is 85x Tumblr’s $13M of revenue.  Makes one wonder what other sort of valuations are reasonable for other up and coming startups. To read more about the deal, click here.

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Duo Security Selected for Leading Online Banking Platform

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Computer Services, Inc., also known as CSI, is a provider of an online banking platform to over 140 financial institutions and recently announced that it will begin using Duo Security’s two-factor authentication across its platform.  Customers will have the choice to opt-in for two-factor authentication, which helps prevent potential cyber fraud.  To read more in-depth coverage, click here.

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Precog Comes out of Beta, Announces Three New Market Solutions

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Resonant portfolio company, Precog, has come out of beta with a bang: announcing three new market solutions for those seeking to conquer data challenges.  Not only does Precog allow users to use data  without transforming it into a relational format but it also creates visualizations, charts and reports for easy use.  To read a more in-depth summary about Precog by Derrick Harris, click here.

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Apply to Michigan I-Corps

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The University of Michigan has been granted $1.5mm from the National Science Foundation to administer an entrepreneurial training program called I-Corps, which is launching this spring.  The goal of the program is to put Michigan tech startups on a fast-track path and the initial class will include 25 teams of three members each.  To read more about the new program, click here.