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Yahoo Buys Tumblr

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On May 20th, Yahoo confirmed that it will buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion with mostly cash and will close in the second half of 2013.  One notable aspect of the deal, however, is that Yahoo’s price and Tumblr’s implied valuation is 85x Tumblr’s $13M of revenue.  Makes one wonder what other sort of valuations are reasonable for other up and coming startups. To read more about the deal, click here.

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In VC Relationships the Broader, the Better

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When a hurricane or tornado hits, what are the trees most likely to survive? The ones with the deeper roots naturally.  And so too is the case when it comes to an entrepreneur’s relationship with his/her VC.  Entrepreneur-turned-VC Mark Suster details the critical value that broadening one’s relationship with a VC firm can have for a startup in his latest blog post.  To read it in full, click here.

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Facebook-Blind VCs Missed Opportunities in B2B Cloud Investments

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Since 2010, Resonant has been interested in the B2B Cloud space and have amassed a portfolio full of B2B cloud companies.  However, not all other VCs have been so fortunate to recognize this huge advantages B2B has over B2C, including outperformance, investment opportunity and B2C’s reliance on B2B.  To read the analysis in more depth, click here.

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Crowdfunding not disruptive to VCs

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The rise of crowdfunding has many positive implications for the ever-changing startup landscape–but will this disruption also be felt by VCs?  Resonant does not believe it will not impact dealflow because top-tier startups VCs target gain more from a VC fundraising round over crowdfunding.  To read more about why this is and why crowdfunding is bad news for angel investors, click here.

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They’re Entrepreneurs, Not Celebrities

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The Social Network movie and Bravo’s Silicon Valley TV show–society has romanticized startups to say the least. Having created a venture firm for scratch for the past two years, Resonant can attest that entrepreneurship is still uncomfortable and grueling, not the sleek and sexy celebritization popularized by media.  To read more about the “Starstruck Entrepreneur” epidemic, click here.

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Why Angel Investors Don’t Make Money

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Angels are all over Silicon Valley. It’s not that I think becoming an angel is a bad idea; it’s just that most people who expect to make money as angel investors are fooling themselves. It’s not because they’re not intelligent but rather because they lack the proprietary knowledge of the characteristics of winning companies that premiere, seasoned venture capital firms possess.  To read more, click here.