About Resonant

Resonant Venture Partners is a venture capital firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that invests in early stage companies developing security, industrial IoT and cloud-based products and services. Founders Michael Godwin and Jason Townsend launched Resonant in 2010.

It Takes One to Know One

As founders, engineers and operators as well as investors, we are adept at identifying star performers because we have worked with the best and have repeatedly delivered top-tier results. We are as comfortable with source code, design and staffing as with IRR and exit comps.

One Company At A Time

We are company builders and devote ourselves on a daily basis to each and every company in our portfolio.  When any of our companies need assistance, whether it’s with talent sourcing, financial planning, or other issues, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The Team

Founders Interviewed
Years Investing
Years in Technology Industries

Bottom line, we like you guys!

Subbu Rama, CEO Bitfusion.io

Resonant's different. They get it.

Dug Song, CEO Duo Security

Our launch wouldn't have been possible without Resonant.

Kevin Fu, CEO Virta Labs