Purchased First Intel Processor
First Day as Employee #10615839 at Intel
Founded First Startup
Founded Resonant

A little bit about me

Jason Townsend is a Managing Director and founder of Resonant Venture Partners, a venture capital firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan that that invests in early stage companies developing security, industrial IoT and cloud-based products and services.  Prior to founding Resonant in 2010, Jason spent the majority of his tech career working at Intel in a broad range of engineering, technical sales, and business development roles.  Jason also founded a real estate investment firm, which has added multifamily, office, and mixed-use properties to its portfolio since 2003.  Jason earned his MBA with High Distinction from the Ross School of Business where he was a Managing Director of the Wolverine Venture Fund’s student advisory board.  Jason also earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan where he was a squad leader in the Michigan Marching Band.  Jason lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife, Devonie, and black German Shepherd, Optimus.  He is a avid weight lifter, volleyball player, and nationally ranked pistol competitor.  Current and former Director/Observer roles: Duo Security, Precog, Stratos, University of Michigan Band Alumni Association, ZeroVM.

Why I love what I do

Resonant is a startup.  We began with no predefined structure, no pre-existing way of doing things – just a big block of clay and our imaginations.  It is similar to having an absurd amount of LEGOs with no instructions – doesn’t work for everyone, but ideal for the person who builds something uniquely elaborate from chaos and makes progress is its own motivation.

I also have the fortune to interact with outliers – individuals who are two standard deviations above the norm and make me feel that I need to go back to school for another decade or two.  (One of our founders achieved nuclear fusion in his basement – in high school.)  Not only do I get to interact with that select group of folks, but I meet them at an ideal time in their business’s life cycle – right at the very beginning.  This is when their excitement about the future can barely be contained and their abundant confidence hasn’t been diminished yet with the harsh reality of negative customer feedback and slow adoption curves.

Although founding a venture capital firm directly out of business school is a rarity, we bullishly ignored the odds and the payoff was beyond expectation.

First Year Performing in the MI Marching Band Drumline for 100,000+ Fans
Years of IDPA Shooting Competitions
Number of Times Inducted into the 1000lb Weightlifting Club

Feel free to contact me directly by email at: jason@resonantvc.com

or by telephone: 734-277-2054